Thursday 20 November 2008

Welcome to BleepStar!

For me, the mid 80s were the golden time. I was a carefree student and wanabee pop star - I had the time to sit in my student flat and twiddle my knobs (ooh err) and dream. And I dreamed of massive MIDI setups - DX7s, Fairlights, PPGs, effects racks and automated mixing desks. But alas, dream was I all I could do - a student grant doesn't extend to such exotica. So I had to work with ageing analogue synths with sticky sliders, improvised samplers made from digital delays, ancient PA desks and even tape loops.

So this blog is tinged with nostalgia for those days - if I saw a Fairlight now on eBay, would I buy it? Whatever happened to those strange bits of kit I used to use - Casio home keyboards, Gnat synths, Tandy echo units? If I found one now, would the limitations drive me mad - or offer me sonic possibilities outside the laptop driven, virtual synth norm? And let's be honest - where am I going to put all this stuff?


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