Friday 28 November 2008

Keyfax - all the keyboards you can't afford.

Who else remembers this book? First published in 1985, later revisions had much less scary pictures of Julian on the cover. My copy is much loved and well thumbed - I knew it almost off by heart. I was the world's greatest expert on synthesisers I could sadly never afford.

A flick through the book now has given me a whole bunch of 'where are they now?' article ideas. There's long lost exotica like the Kinetic Sound Prism (Julian's 5th favourite keyboard at the time) or Beilfuss Performance Synthesiser. Wondefully retro home keyboards like the dazzling and complex range of Casiotones. And the just plain odd, like the RMI Computer Keyboard ...

I'll do some research on all these machines for you - as well as work my way through a stack of 'Electronics and Music Maker' I found in the loft. Ah, sweet nostalgia!

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